• Orthodontist Bondi Junction

    Straightening smiles for over 30 years

    Principal orthodontist Dr Morris Rapaport endeavours to help patients reclaim their smile using the latest orthodontic technology so that treatment is efficient, with short infrequent visits.

  • Orthodontist Bondi Junction

    A vibrant and relaxed practice built for you

    Designed especially for patients, you can benefit from high quality orthodontic care without stress, fear or anxiety with our fun and quirky practice.

  • Orthodontist Bondi Junction

    Straighten your smile invisibly!

    As one of the first practices to adopt Invisalign in 2001, we rarely need to use metal braces - for adults and adolescents Invisalign is a great choice!

Welcome to MyOrthodontist

At your first visit:

  • do you want to see an experienced, specialist, orthodontist or a treatment coordinator nurse?

At MY ORTHODONTIST you’ll see the orthodontist at your first visit, and receive a treatment plan in writing with a fixed fee

Do you want to see:

  • the same specialist orthodontist for the majority of your appointments?
  • an orthodontist with over 35 years experience, including 15 years practising Invisalign?
  • an orthodontist who teaches orthodontics to dental students and dentists at the University of Sydney and Charles Sturt University?
  • an orthodontist who is an Invisalign instructor throughout Australia and Asia?
  • an orthodontist who is skilled in treatment plans involving Invisalign, braces, plates, surgical orthodontics, for both adults and children?

At MYORTHODONTIST you’ll mostly see the same highly experienced specialist throughout treatment

Would you rather:

  • a small friendly practice where you'll develop a relationship with all staff, or a production line ?
  • a 21 st century, high tech practice that uses a scanner technology, or messy moulds of your teeth ?
  • a quick 20 minute appointment to bond braces using computer technology, or a long two hour appointment?
  • a practice that offers manageable interest free payment plans, or one that outsources payments to a credit company?

At MYORTHODONTIST we are boutique size, high tech, and have in-house, tailored instalment plans.

A boutique practice…

At MYORTHODONTIST in Bondi Junction near Westfield, we plan your braces or your Invisalign aligners on a virtual model of your teeth displayed on our computer screen. We do this while you are at work or school. That means that when you come in for the the actual fitting of aligners or braces it takes about 15 or 20 minutes, not hours. We can email you a movie of the proposed treatment too, which you might want to share with your intimate friends and family.

Latest Technology

MyORTHODONTIST has the latest iTero element scanner so that you do not need a messy impression. We email you a simulation of the way that we predict that your teeth and jaws will move during treatment. If you need braces, we bond them ‘indirectly’, transforming  what was previously a 2 hour banding appointment into a 15 minute appointment.

Lecturing / Training

Dr Rapaport is a Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Sydney, Guest Lecturer at Charles Sturt University and a Member of The Invisalign Asia Pacific Advisory Committee (APAC). This is a select group of orthodontists who trial or suggest the next generation of Invisalign innovations. He also presents Invisalign training courses for orthodontists and dentists throughout Australia and Asia. This means that at MYORTHODONTIST we are very familiar with the latest Invisalign capabilities so we can almost always approach your problem with a default position of, Every Case Is An Invisalign Case if you want it to be.

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Dr Morris Rapaport

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