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Meet the Team

Dr Daniel Tan

Dr Daniel Tan
(AKA Orthodontist Extraordinaire)
BDS (Hons), FRACDS, DClinDent (Ortho), MRACDS (Ortho)

Dr Tan completed his Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree with Honours at the University of Sydney in 2004. He went on to work in both in Public and Private practice as a general dentist for many years where he developed his interest in orthodontics and improving a patients smile, facial balance and aesthetics as well as their self-esteem and confidence.

Dr Tan completed the Specialist degree in Orthodontics (Doctor in Clinical Dentistry (Orthodontics)) at the University of Sydney in 2011 and has worked at specialist orthodontic practices in the east, south and south west of Sydney doing the full range of orthodontic treatment using the latest technologies for braces and aligners and early treatment. What sets Dr Tan apart is his expert knowledge, that is not limited to Orthodontics, but general dentistry – having been both a general dentist and orthodontist simultaneously for many years. It means that Dr Tan doesn’t just ‘straighten your teeth’, he is able to approach your orthodontic treatment with consideration of all the factors pertinent to achieving the best dental result -functionally, as well as aesthetically. Dr Tan does this by working harmoniously with your family dentist to achieve the best possible result for you.

Dr Tan’s passion is orthodontics and his family, making it easy for him to provide friendly and helpful advice to his patients and parents! He is universally known as the nicest orthodontist in town; always willing to spend time sharing his knowledge with both his patients, and dentists alike. His gentle and calm nature and amazing treatment results will have you wondering why you didn’t come in to see him sooner!

Dr Morris Rapaport
(AKA Orthodontic Guru)

Dr Morris Rapaport graduated as a dentist and then as a specialist orthodontist from the University of Sydney in 1980.

He is an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Sydney teaching the new generation of orthodontists. As one of the pioneers of the Invisalign system in Australia, Dr Rapaport is a respected expert and mentor to many in the realm of orthodontics. Dr Rapaport developed the “Master Aligning Course” and teaches about the complexities of Orthodontics and the Invisalign System to undergraduates, postgraduates and dentists, locally and internationally. Dr Rapaport is never shy of a joke to make you laugh, and will guarantee to bring a smile to your face.

Dr Sabina Ong

Dr Sabina Ong
BA/BSc (Hons), BDS (Syd Uni)

Dr Ong graduated from The University of Sydney in 2004, and has worked as a general dentist in both the public and private sector for almost 20 years. She has also been a clinical tutor in the school of Dentistry at Sydney University. Dr Ong loves working with kids, and this is reflected in her interest in Paediatric dentistry and particularly orthodontics. When Dr Ong isn’t at the clinic she has her hands full running a busy household of 4 kids and their cavoodle, Benji!


There is nothing that our amazingly talented Maina can’t do. Maina is aligned with the core values of our practice – to make sure our patients are treated with the same respect and care we would apply to our own family. She is not only incredibly organised, she will go out of her way to make sure you are receiving the best care possible here at MyOrthodontist. Maina is our Treatment Co-ordinator and the welcoming face that you will see at our reception. We are so blessed to have her in our team- her role is as important as the Doctors in our surgery in making sure you receive the best treatment and care!


Kind and compassionate, our Nari makes sure both reception and the clinic are running efficiently and smoothly. She has an effortless ability to make our patients feel comfortable with her caring and calming nature! We love the warmth and joy she brings to the practice, but also her professionalism in her vital role at MyOrthodontist.


Madi is our vivacious, friendly, Clinical Co-ordinator that never fails to put a smile on your face! Madi loves cats, hates dogs and speaks broken Chinese.
Always up for a challenge, multi-talented Madi always gets the task done, from Invisalign scanning to taking the best clinical photos, there is nothing Madi cannot do! Always striving to attain the best possible for our patients, Madi keeps the clinic running like clockwork while always keeping the team and patients always entertained!


Lucy is a wonderful member of our team! A natural problem solver with effortless organisational skills, Lucy helps helps us to keep things running smoothly both in clinic and at front desk! Lucy is dedicated to growing her knowledge base and learning new things whenever possible, and speaks fluent Spanish to boot!

Our philosophy

Here at MyOrthodontist, we are more than just about moving teeth. 

We know we are good at what we do, but what sets us apart, is that we genuinely care.  We care about your smile, and we care that you are happy with the service we are providing.  We treat each patient like family; our MyOrthodontist Family.

In the sea of Orthodontic ‘experts’ out there, we consider it a privilege that you have chosen us to take care of your orthodontic needs.  And, we take it seriously. 

We take pride in knowing that your new smile has empowered you to be just that little bit more confident – out in the playground, on that special date, in that business meeting, and when you see your reflection in the mirror.  

Welcome to MyOrthodontist.

Welcome to our family.


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