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Dr. Morris RapaportDr Morris Rapaport BDS MDSc FICD

Dr Morris Rapaport graduated as a dentist and then as a specialist orthodontist from the University of Sydney in 1980. He  first worked in Pymble, which then moved to Gordon. Simultaneously, he started a practice in Bellevue Hill – MYORTHODONTIST – and as it grew, relocated to Bondi Junction. With two busy practices and teaching part time as an Honorary Lecturer at The University of Sydney, something had to give and so he sold the North Shore practice. Good thing too because by 1994 he and his wife Pauline, a computer analyst programmer, had three children under three – Emma, Hannah and Mark.

Dr Rapaport is a Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Sydney, Guest Lecturer at Charles Sturt University and a Member of The Invisalign Asia Pacific Advisory Committee (APAC). This is a select group of orthodontists who trial or suggest the next generation of Invisalign innovations.

Morris had an early interest in facial orthopaedic appliances and developed a course, which he called, Everything You Wanted To know About Functional Appliances and teaches it annually to graduates and postgraduate students at Sydney University, still to this day. He was also an early adopter of sequential plastic aligners, being accredited by Invisalign when they first started in Australia in 2001. He teaches aligner therapy at the uni too, as well as privately to dentists and orthodontists both in NSW, interstate and overseas. His lectures are memorable, not only for their content, but for their splashes of humour and panache. He believes that if information is mixed with humour and is delivered in a Socratic, interactive, style, it is far more likely to be retained.

As well as teaching, Morris has been president of various dental and orthodontic organisations but these days prefers to dabble in 3D art and prepare lectures rather than be involved in dental politics. His wife Pauline has been studying part time law and has just graduated with honours from UNSW. The three under three are all at uni now too so there’s plenty going on.


Vivian has been at MYORTHODONTIST for over 10 years, and worked as a dental assistant for four years prior to joining Dr Rapaport’s team. She is an all-rounder, working at chair side assisting, at reception, as secretary preparing the written reports, controlling inventory, taking photographs and helping in the laboratory too.

Having gone to school in New Zealand, Vivian had her heart set on a career dentistry and  trained as a dental assistant, continuing her education once she joined MYORTHODONTIST  and received an Orthodontic Assisting Diploma.

Working in a constantly evolving practice, with new procedures, technology and equipment in the surgery Vivian is always learning new things to help make orthodontic treatment easier and faster for our patients. Being sent to conferences and keeping up-to-date with orthodontic courses means Vivian is constantly seeking more knowledge and striving to attain the best possible for our patients.

“Forming and maintaining strong and ongoing relationships withy patients and parents,” Vivian says, “is one of my favourite aspects of my work.” After hours and on weekends, Vivian loves spending time with her two gorgeous girls and large extended family.


Bella is also one of our practice all-rounders, performing as practice secretary and orthodontic assistant  on a daily basis!

Joining the practice in 2002, Bella has extensive experience and has well established relationships with our valued patients.

For Bella, further education is a key focus- having attained her Diploma in both Orthodontic Assisting and Travel and Tourism, she enjoys the fact that Dr Rapaport continually sends the team to conferences and continued education courses both nationally and internationally to remain on the forefront of innovations in terms of orthodontic treatments and technology.
Working with the friendly, motivated and experienced team at MYORTHODONTIST, Bella enjoys watching the smiles and confidence of our patients transform throughout treatment. Outside of the practice Bella enjoys travelling and spending time with her husband, family and friends.

team-paulinePauline BSc JD(Hons)

Pauline is a computer analyst programmer and a recently graduated lawyer from UNSW. Amongst other things she delivers computer support so that our computer systems and server operate reliably. We are practically paperless at MYORTHODONTIST and long ago, with Pauline steering, we switched our paper based appointment book away from pencil and rubber onto computer. At the same time our financial ledger was computerised. The last inevitable step was clinical notes and we took that plunge too so now all our records including X-rays, letters from other specialists and clinical photos can be up on the screen in seconds. Pauline oversees all this and deals with the inevitable glitches that occasionally arise. Fortunately, we have not (yet) had any need of her other skill set – her legal skills, at least in regard to litigation, but every business has to operate within a regulatory environment.

Pauline’s other duties at MYORTHODONTIST are seeing that we comply with all the myriad of bureaucratic requirements for small business and with employment issues, wages, etc. and these are constantly changing. Fortunately, because Pauline does all of this, the orthodontists can concentrate on clinical matters and striving for excellence.

Pauline has employment in law elsewhere too and as the mother of three university students, she’s a busy lady but still finds time on weekends to read the papers at coffee shops with family and just occasionally, all five of us go away skiing or on walking excursions in New Zealand.


Maria is one of our two After School Helpers. She is one of those people who just can’t do enough for you. You know she is always giving you 101% whether she is helping in the laboratory, putting instruments away or bringing patients in from the waiting room. Nothing is too much trouble for Maria and she does it at lightening speed. Of course she knows the names of all the instruments in orthodontics and what each is used for. Maria went on exchange to Europe for a term and we missed her.

I’d like to say that we have inspired Maria to consider a dental career but I believe the law is where she has set her sights. Maybe if she works for a time in a law office she’ll change her mind, but I don’t think so.

Alejandro and Alex

The Technicians in Costa Rica, Alejandro and Alex, who digitally move the teeth according to our instructions for our Invisalign patients. They work in a large building in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, using proprietary software called “Treat” to carry out our wishes and then uploading the digital models onto our Invisalign Doctor Site for acceptance or modification. They are well trained and MYORTHODONTIST is lucky enough to have an assigned technician to do our cases. That way, a good rapport can be established and that makes the process more efficient with quicker turn around.

team-technicians-1 team-technicians-2








Dr Jose Franco DDS MS

Dr Jose Franco is an orthodontic consultant at the Invisalign plant in Costa Rica. Jose has made himself available to us for troubleshooting, a service which fortunately, we have rarely required, and to help us understand innovations as Invisalign introduces new features. He’s been a valuable resource to MYORTHODONTIST and a friend.


Dr Morris Rapaport

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