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When you come to our practice, you receive a boutique difference…

At MYORTHODONTIST we are a very personalised practice, where we are proud to say we are on first name basis with all of our patients.

Not just for kids…

With a very large percentage of our patients being adults, we have an arcade table with games you may remember from the misspent part of your youth like Space Invaders, Pac Man, Donkey Kong and even Ping Pong if you are that old. For the more serious minded, there’s Time Magazine and maybe The Sydney Morning Herald on iPad (once we figure out a way of stopping the iPad walking out the door). There’s also a slide show screen with amongst other things, case reports to give you an idea of what’s possible. That’s in the waiting room. The main (red) treatment room is adult friendly and does not have another treatment chair so you will feel more private and the focus of our attention.

And then of course, we have removed the main fear – that of having braces recommended because we can usually offer clear aligner treatment instead, which can be paid off by interest free instalment. So that’s the two main adult fears dealt with.

Not just for adults…

We have the occasional phenomenon of having to entice kids out of the waiting room into the treatment areas, not because they are scared, but because they are in the middle of a foosball game with Dad or Mum’s teaching them how to play Pac Man. Sometimes they’re too engrossed in Mad or Girlfriend Magazine. We know who is there because we have a computerised Sign In system that tells us not just that you are here for your appointment, but how long you have been here too.

We have a screen mounted above a chair so that you can watch comedy while being treated. It’s relaxing and distracting for those few people who are scared. By the way, there are no needles, so nothing to be scared of.

Finding us…

You will find us on the terrace level of Harley Place. That’s the building on the corner of Oxford Street and Hollywood Avenue. We are diagonally opposite Westfield Shopping Mall. Take the stairs on the left of the main building glass doors in Hollywood Avenue. Call us first – 9389 1382 – if you have a pram or need to take the lift. The trains are just a little further down Oxford Street on the other side of Westfield Mall. It’s about a 4-5 minute walk. There is two hours free parking in Westfield and their car parks are minutes away.


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