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With the rapidly increasing number of people in the community testing positive for the COVID-19 virus, it makes more and more sense for us to bunker down at home as much as possible and avoid the chance of infection on public transport, in a lift, etc. Indeed, just like New Zealand and the UK, we might soon be in total lock down.


Before closing we believe we have contacted all patients who had an appointment in the next few weeks and sent out additional aligners, chewies and elastics where that was necessary. If you still have any issues please email us on: and we will try to help you via a video consultation using Zoom, Facetime or Whatsapp.


To the new patients that we have postponed: fortunately, in orthodontics, we do not have tooth abscess kinds of problems and so we are not an essential service. Let me assure you that a few months delay in potentially starting treatment will not mean that you have missed the boat. Urgency in starting orthodontics is rare.


For those that are progressing through your clear aligner treatment: It is my intention to remotely progress your treatment as much as I possibly can. Keep wearing the aligners you have. Wear them for a few weeks each to spread them out until you get more or finish. Make sure they fit 100%. If it’s your last pair, after 3 weeks, you can reduce to wearing them to sleep plus 3 hours in the day. Soak them in 50/50 white vinegar and water when they are not in your mouth. Wearing the penultimate pair at the end is okay too. I’m afraid that for a few of you, there will be some marking time but be assured, it is highly unlikely that you will come to any harm. Feel free to email, not phone, if you have any concerns:


It is in everyone’s interest for your treatment to proceed swiftly to completion of the active phase and into retention. Cooperation in wearing aligners 22 hours per day, CHECKING THAT THEY FIT PERFECTLY ON ALL TEETH before moving onto the next aligner and using chewies for 10 minutes four times a day if there is any gap between the aligner and the tooth, is essential. You need to make non-tracking teeth fit, and it is as important as ever, even if I am not overseeing progress. Parents please check that the above is being adhered to.myortho


Wear elastics all the time if you have been asked to do so.


If you have braces do not eat lollies or foods that are as hard or harder than a raw carrot (which can be cut into thin sticks) because that is more likely to unstick the braces and bend wires.  A wire poking in can usually be bent in towards a tooth or covered by a blob of sugarless chewing gum. So can a loose bracket.


Retainers are to be worn at night, or from after dinner, if they feel tight each time you put them back in. They also need to track. See picture above. If you have a bonded wire behind your teeth and it comes loose, wear the retainer full time.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. The situation is changing rapidly so if necessary, another email update will be sent to you. Hoping that none of us get this awful virus.



Morris, Vivian & Bella

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