Invited Lecturer at Invisalign Asia Summit

Earlier this year I was honoured to be invited to give a lecture at an Invisalign orthodontist only conference in Fiji. Delegates came from Australia, New Zealand and all over Asia. It is somewhat daunting to lecture to one’s peers so I admit to being a little nervous ahead of the meeting. My topic was, Strategies to Successfully Treat Invisalign Cases Requiring Extractions.

MYORTHODONTIST Lecturer on Invisalign

Dr Rapaport lecturing to orthodontists on Invisalign Extraction Case Strategies

Making Invisalign treatment possible in difficult cases

Lecturing on: Strategies for Treating Extraction Cases with Invisalign

Sometimes there is just too much overlap and crowding of teeth to be able to squeeze them all into line without creating space first. There is a limit to expansion as teeth roots have to stay within bone. Also, teeth are sometimes so proclined that it is difficult for the person to keep their lips together and so extractions and taking the front teeth back, can greatly improve facial balance and lip competence while still maintaining a full smile. This can be the case for anyone but is especially true in some Asian faces so my lecture was particularly relevant at an Asia Pacific meeting.

Traditionally, if bicuspid teeth extractions are required, it precluded that person from having Invisalign treatment so my lecture discussed ways of making that possible. When Invisalign first started in Australia in 2001, which is when I became accredited, it was regarded as an appliance to treat minor crowding. Since then, the appliance has evolved constantly so that now, with experience and orthodontic training, we can push the boundaries. I now offer Invisalign to most of my patients as an alternative to braces. It is rare for me to say, “No, you have to have braces to treat that”. Sometimes it’s a combination with a few brackets and wires at the back and Invisalign clear plastic aligners at the front.

We work very much as a team and so it was good training for us all to attend the lectures together and of course, I could show off to them in my own lecture. My wife Pauline and our three children, Emma, Hannah and Mark also came. Now that they are in late teens/early twenties, we rarely go on holidays together but they probably figured, Dad was paying so why not? It all resulted in an excellent professional meeting and a very good time too, as the accompanying photos will attest.

Asia Pacific Invisalign Summit

The MYORTHODONTIST Team at the Invisalign Summit

Invisalign Summit Dinner

The MYORTHODONTIST Team and my family at the Invisalign Summit Dinner

I must have impressed the powers that be in Invisalign because not long after, I was invited to become a member of The Asia Pacific Advisory Committee (APAC) as one of three Australian orthodontists together with one from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Thailand and two from China to trial innovations that the company is considering in their constant drive for better efficacy and predictability. We had our first meeting later that year in Singapore but more on that in another blog.

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