Mouth Breathing Can Impact Your Child’s Jaw Development

Mouth Breathing can Impact Your Child’s Jaw Development

It is a phenomenon that has been studied for decades, and now there are answers…

Chronic mouth breathing affects many Australian children, due to allergies, constant colds, asthma or other conditions that inhibit proper nose-breathing. At MYORTHODONTIST we are always staying up-to-date with changes and advancements in orthodontics, and are not too surprised by these findings!

How mouth breathing can affect your child’s jaws…

Due to their mouth hanging open constantly for years in order to breathe, (and during their most important jaw development process) the jaw does not receive the support it normally would if the mouth was closed. This means the jaw becomes very narrow, and creates less space for adult teeth to emerge. This then results in severe overcrowding and bite issues that can be difficult to treat.

At MYORTHODONTIST we can help diagnose and treat jaw issues with orthognathic surgery…

If your child has suffered mouth breathing and as a result experiences narrow dental arches, we can help relieve this issue with orthognathic surgery: a treatment that allows us to surgically resolve issues with the jaw and correct overbites or underbites.

If you feel your child is suffering from a narrow jaw or you have noticed they favour breathing through their mouth rather than their nose, we recommend you first take them to your GP to rule out any health issues that may be causing this shift from nose-breathing to mouth-breathing.

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