The traditional method of achieving that smile you have always wanted

  • Powerful, effective, predictable results
  • Option of ‘clear’ ceramic brackets for more discrete look
  • Customisable with fun choice of elastic colours!

Conventional braces have been successfully correcting crooked teeth for over 100 years!  Unlike Invisalign, the metal attachments, or “brackets”, and arch wire, are fixed to your teeth and move the teeth by pulling them into the desired position. Braces are an effective and predictable method of tooth alignment. There are indeed certain cases where conventional braces are recommended over Invisalign such as surgical orthodontic cases. The Doctors at MyOrthodontist can explain your case and treatment options and why they believe one form of treatment may be more suitable than another.   

For those that are looking for a more discrete form of braces, there is the option of Ceramic brackets, which appear less visible than traditional metal ones. For those wanting to customise their braces, you can also choose a variety of coloured elastics to hold your wires in place!

At completion of active orthodontic treatment, whether it be braces or aligners, a retainer is essential and required to be worn every night to maintain the amazing results of your smile transformation. Failure to wear your retainer can result in movement of teeth, loss of orthodontic correction and costly re-treatment!

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