Full Fixed Braces

If you would prefer conventional braces, our full fixed braces provide sterling results…

Are you sick of coping with crooked teeth? At MYORTHODONTIST we are moving towards a philosophy of “every case can be an Invisalign case” especially if you apply the 90% + 10% rule where it might be some braces, usually at the back, supplementing the Invisalign aligner treatment. With this approach it is a rare case that we cannot treat with Invisalign however, some people prefer braces and we are perfectly happy with that. Invisalign is the same price as clear braces in our practice but a little more than metal braces, so they might be more affordable if you are on a tight budget and in some situations, they may be more efficient in achieving the desired outcome too. So if it’s braces you want (and need) that’s what you’ll get.

Using state-of-the-art technology, we are able to make your initial fitting as quick as possible…

All our braces are created indirectly which means we are able to place them within just 15 minutes – saving you time and money! This is also great for fitting braces on anxious patients or younger children.








Look who had braces.

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