Discover an easy, hassle-free method of straightening your smile – without the need for braces!

If you are unhappy with the look and function of your smile due to crooked teeth or a misaligned bite, consider clear aligners. At MYORTHODONTIST we have been utilising Invisalign for more than 12 years and why not?

  • There is the obvious cosmetic advantage of clear aligners over braces because they are almost invisible
  • Aligner treatment is comfortable,
  • Mostly pain-free
  • There are few, if any, emergencies
  • Appointments can be spread out to accommodate overseas trips and business or school commitments
  • With new aligner features continuously being introduced, treatment is becoming more and more efficient and predictable
  • See your own virtual 3D treatment process BEFORE starting
  • At MYORTHODONTIST we charge no more for Invisalign than for clear braces treatment

Our own Dr Rapaport was one of the first Australian orthodontists to begin using the Invisalign system when it was first established here in Australia in 2001. Over the last decade he has regularly attended and lectured at international and local Invisalign Conferences.

With over 12 years’ experience and with the knowledge he has gleaned from continuing education, he remains at the forefront of efficient clinical use of the Invisalign System and puts that knowledge to use at MYORTHODONTIST and by teaching dentists and other orthodontists.

How it works…

Invisalign is a revolutionary treatment that uses clear aligner trays that are custom-made to fit your dental arches perfectly. After a careful and thorough orthodontic diagnosis a treatment plan is submitted online and a 3D mock-up of the tooth movements are planned on the computer. This is usually modified and then when the orthodontist is satisfied, accepted. It always works on the computer screen and the main skill is recognising which movements are realistically feasible in the mouth.

Soon aligners arrive and the first pair is issued. They will exert gentle pressure on the teeth, effectively moving them bit by bit to the desired position. Quite a few numbered sets can be given at a time, with a new one inserted by you at home every two weeks (or sooner if you try accelerating tooth movements with a proprietary vibrator device). This is far gentler and more convenient than undergoing braces tightening visits.

At the end of active treatment retainers are worn at night. They can be removable retainers (Vivera is Invisalign’s retainer product) and we often used fixed wire retention behind the teeth too. We offer complimentary tooth whitening bleach to place in the final retainer trays.

Ensuring you save time on your treatment…

Patients who are compliant with their treatment will have the option to receive several aligners in advance so you can benefit from only needing to visit the surgery every 8-10 weeks instead of every 4-6 weeks. To further help you save time on your treatment, there is a mobile app called ‘Align on Time’ which effectively reminds you when to change to a new aligner – not forgetting means no delays!

No surprises or hidden fees mean you are fully informed…

All patients receive a set fee detailed in writing, as well as a written report of your oral condition, treatment recommendations and photographs meaning you get no nasty shocks when it comes to payment. This all includes retention (other than Vivera). Your dentist gets reports, photos and X-rays too.

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